We Are Called To Be God’s People [#WeAreCalled #ToBeGodsPeople #WeAreCalledToBeGodsPeople]

We Are Called To Be God’s People [#WeAreCalled #ToBeGodsPeople #WeAreCalledToBeGodsPeople]

Song written by:
Original in English: Thomas A. Jackson

We are called to be God’s people
Showing by our lives His grace
One in heart and one in spirit
Sign of hope for all the race
Let us show how He has changed us
And remade us as His own
Let us share our life together
As we shall around His throne

We are called to be God’s servants
Working in His world today
Taking His own task upon us
All His sacred words obey
Let us rise then to His summons
Dedicate to Him our all
That we may be faithful servants
Quick to answer now His call

We are called to be God’s prophets
Speaking for the truth and right
Standing firm for godly justice
Bringing evil into light
Let us seek the courage needed
Our high calling to fulfill
That we all may know the blessing
Of the doing of God’s will

© Copyright 1973 Renewed 2001 Broadman Press

We Are Called To Be God’s People [#WeAreCalled #ToBeGodsPeople #WeAreCalledToBeGodsPeople] | University Place Presbyterian Church Media (UPPC Media), University Place Presbyterian Church, University Place, Washington State, USA

We Are Called To Be God’s People [#WeAreCalled #ToBeGodsPeople #WeAreCalledToBeGodsPeople]
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