Kingdom Come [#KingdomCome #EnglishChristianSong #eChristianSongs]

Kingdom Come [#KingdomCome #EnglishChristianSong #eChristianSongs]

Written by: Darlene Zschech, Thom Macken

Hope has come and Love has won
God is here in mercy
Songs resound and justice flows
Healing rivers from Your throne
Your heart of love has broken through
The cross of Christ our freedom
Your presence like the oceans rise
We pray and praise and lift You high
We pray and praise and lift You high

Your Kingdom come
Your will be done on earth as in heaven
Your Kingdom reign from age to age
Both now and forever

Spirit of the Living God
Moving like a rushing wind
Here on earth our hearts alive
We’re set apart with holy fire
God fill us now with holy fire

You are here
You are near
You are coming
You are coming

Let the heavens shout the wonder of Your coming
All creation groans in longing for the King
Let the thirsty come and drink from Living Water
As Your Kingdom comes arrayed in majesty

©2017 Integrity Worship Music & EWI, Inc. & Native Tongue Publishing

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