Glorious Is Thy Name Most Holy [#GloriousIsThyName #GloriousIsThyNameMostHoly]

Glorious Is Thy Name Most Holy [#GloriousIsThyName #GloriousIsThyNameMostHoly]

Song written by:
Original in English: Ruth Elliott

Glorious is Thy Name Most Holy
God and Father of us all
We Thy servants bow before thee
Strive to answer every call
Thou with life’s great good hast blest us
Cared for us from earliest years
Unto Thee our thanks we render
Thy deep love o’ercomes all fears

For our world of need and anguish
We would lift to Thee our prayer
Faithful stewards of Thy bounty
May we with our neighbors share
In the name of Christ our Savior
Who redeems and sets us free
Gifts we bring of heart and treasure
That our lives may worthier be

In the midst of time we journey
From Thy hand comes each new day
We would use it in Thy service
Humbly wisely while we may
So to thee Lord and Creator
Praise and honor we accord
Thine the earth and Thine the heavens
Through all time the Eternal Word

© Copyright 1961 The Hymn Society

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