Your Supper Lord Before Us Spread [#YourSupperLord #ChristianSong #EnglishChristianSong]

Your Supper Lord Before Us Spread [#YourSupperLord #YourSupperLordBeforeUsSpread]

Song written by:
Original in English: Joseph F. Green

Your supper Lord before us spread
The cup beside the broken bread
Reminds us of Your life laid down
The shameful cross the thorny crown

Your sacrifice was for our gain
To save us Lord you bore the pain
Your love is clear for all to see
Your sacrifice has set us free

In fellowship with You we feel
That You are here Your presence real
For You have risen and now live
Within our hearts new life to give

Now may the worship we know here
Remind us You are always near
Help us to live our lives each day
In love and faith O Lord we pray

© Copyright 1961. Renewed 1989 Broadman Press

Your Supper Lord Before Us Spread [#YourSupperLord #YourSupperLordBeforeUsSpread] | First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, USA

Your Supper Lord Before Us Spread [#YourSupperLord #YourSupperLordBeforeUsSpread]
Hymnal : Baptist Hymnal | Lyrics : Yes | Words : Yes | Music : Yes | YouTube : Yes | MP3 : No
Chords : No | Sheet Music : No: | PDF : No | History : No

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