Thou To Whom The Sick And Dying [#ThouToWhomTheSickAndDying #ThomToWhom #ToWhom #TheSickAndDying #SickAndDying]

Song written by:
Original in English: Godfrey Thring (March 25, 1823, Alford, Somerset, England, UK – September 13, 1903, Shamley Green, Surrey, England, UK)

Thou to whom the sick and dying
Ever came nor came in vain
Still with healing word replying
To the wearied cry of pain
Hear us Jesu as we meet
Suppliants at Thy mercy seat

Still the weary sick and dying
Need a brother’s sister’s care
On Thy higher help relying
May we now their burdens share
Bringing all our offerings meet
Suppliants at Thy mercy seat

May each child of Thine be willing
Willing both in hand and heart
All the law of love fulfilling
Ever comfort to impart
Ever bringing offerings meet
Suppliant to Thy mercy seat

So may sickness sin and sadness
To Thy healing virtue yield
Till the sick and sad in gladness
Rescued ransomed cleansèd healed
One in Thee together meet
Pardoned at Thy judgment seat

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