O Thou Who Makest Souls To Shine [#OThou #OThouWho #OThouWhoMakestSouls #OThouWhoMakestSoulsToShine #ThouWhoMakestSoulsToShine #WhoMakestSoulsToShine #SoulsToShine]


O Thou Who Makest Souls To Shine [#OThou #OThouWho #OThouWhoMakestSouls #OThouWhoMakestSoulsToShine #ThouWhoMakestSoulsToShine #WhoMakestSoulsToShine #SoulsToShine]

Song written by:
Original in English: John Armstrong (Wearmouth, August 22, 1813, 1813-1856)

O Thou who makest souls to shine
With light from brighter worlds above
Now send Thy glistening dew divine
On all who seek a Savior’s love!

Do Thou Thy benediction give
On all who teach on all who learn
That all Thy Church may holier live
And every lamp more brightly burn

Give those that teach pure hearts and wise
Faith hope and love all warmed by prayer
Themselves first training for the skies
They best will raise their people there

Give those who learn the willing ear
The spirit meek the guileless mind
Such gifts will make the lowliest here
Far better than a kingdom find

O bless the shepherd bless the sheep
That guide and guided both be one—
One in the faithful watch they keep
Until this hurrying life be done

If thus good Lord Thy grace be giv’n
In Thee to live in Thee to die
Before we upward pass to Heav’n
We taste our immortality

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