Ashes [#Ashes #EnglishChristianSong #eChristianSongs]

Ashes [#Ashes #EnglishChristianSong #eChristianSongs]

Song written by:
Original in English: Danny O Callaghan

The remnants of ashes from a broken heart 
The weight of all my grief takes a toll on love
A childlike dream that fades worn down with age 
Hidden in the disappointment of religious days

These tears were made for I was yet to see
The hope that lives within Your dream for me 
You’re with me through the pain and suffering 
As I will be with You in glory

Hope is rising up from the ashes 
Hope is rising up from the ashes
I lean on you dear Father here I remain
You stay close with mercy as You fill my frame
Through the muddy waters deep an anchor holds 
It’s my hope in You You have control

Hope is rising it’s coming alive in  
Alive in me alive in me

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