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Song written by:
Original in English: Michael Guy Chislett, Matt Crocker, Benjamin Hastings & Dylan Thomas

Who is God that He would take our frame
The artisan inside the paint
Or breathe the very air His breath sustains
The architect inside the plan

Oh come now hail His arrival
The God of creation
Royalty robed in the flesh He created
Jesus the maker has made Himself known
All hail the infinite infant God

The One who had no start and knows no end
Became confined in time and tense
The Everlasting God
The Great I Am
In the mercy of a mother’s hands

The One who holds the stars
In the creases of His hands
Is the One who holds my heart
Like a mother once held Him
The One who knows what lies
Where space has run its course
Embraced a baby’s mind
And now I can know my God

The monarch of the stars
The King above all kings
The ruler of my heart
And the Saviour for my sins
The One who sees what lies
In each and every soul
Embraced our finite eyes
And now we can see our God

The holy Word of God defined by name
The author climbed inside the page

God embraced our frame
When He graced the world He made
All hail the divine in a manger
Love embraced our fate
When the playwright took the stage
All hail the arrival of our maker
All hail the arrival of our Savior
All hail the arrival of our Maker

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